Bullet Newsletter March 2014

Sky High

Radio antenna

Marinus climbing the 43 meters
Marinus climbing the 43 meters

The second week of February Marinus and Carla put the last piece of the radio antenna in place. Now the antenna is 43 meters high. Yeaaah, we’re happy! After a few setbacks finally it stands in place. Now we just have to finalize everything, which in fact is not ‘just’, it will take some time. We have to adjust it to make it kind of perfectly straight, dig a trench for a cable for power (because in order to make radio, you need power). We have to build a small house in which we can install all the (computer) equipment (because that’s another necessity in order to make radio). This small house has to be water-, moisture- and insect proof (because you don’t need insects in order to make radio). Any ideas of how to make it like this are welcome! Also we need to put in the antennas, we will start with four, with the possibility of adding four more. The frequency needs to be measured, because this antenna is much higher than the current one, so we will reach much further, so it’s possible we will clash with other radio stations and we don’t want that.

Women’s conference

In Las Lajitas (a village at about 100 km from Metán) a women’s conference was organized by the pastors (pastor and his wife) of the local church. A nice and warm village, without asphalt with a lot of moisture en very welcoming people. We slept in the house of one of the church members. The church in Las Lajitas has a radio station as well, Marinus looked at the possibilities of a collaboration between Radio Omega in Metán and Radio Eben-Ezer in Las Lajitas.

Vrouwenconferentie in Las Lajitas
Monica preaching

Monica was invited to preach at the conference at the 22nd and 23th of February. A lot of women of different regions were present. We had a very good experience, we could talk with a lot of women, some of them very tired and with a lot of problems. There was a lot of need to get to know God and a spiritual hunger. The biggest surprise came at the last day. Two weeks before the conference we were praying for a new Zera student. We asked God he could designate the new student and not us. One night, the week before the conference, Monica had a vision. A dream about a girl who told who she was and how she worked for God. In the vision the girl was very happy and satisfied she could work for God. Monica understood she was the daughter of a pastor because of how she spoke. When she woke up, God told Monica the next student would be a daughter of a pastor. We, the Zera team, waited for that person. During the finalization of the conference, during prayer, God told Monica in a miraculous way the daughter of the pastor in Las Lajitas was to be the new student of Zera. Her name is Abigail Sardinas.

Abigail Sardines

Monica asked Abigail how she worked for God en if she wanted to go study. In that exact moment Abigail was praying for her study. She wanted to study, but didn’t know how to pay for it. Her mother had told her she just had to have faith. Abigail told Monica she payed her subscription, but didn’t know how to pay her monthly tuiton fees. At that moment God sayed: “She is the one, she is the next student”. Monica had seen her in her dream. In that way God told us who was to be our next student. And for that our visit to Las Lajitas was very special. Abigail is 17 years old and studies psychopedagogy in Salta. Her first monthly tuition fee has been payed. She is very happy God answered her prayer. We are searching a sponsor for Abigail, which we don’t have yet. The costs of her study are € 55,- per month. Do you want to help Abigail study, please send an e-mail to Marinus or Carla (e-mail addresses to be found at the contact page).

Day for youth

Wednesday the 26th of February a day for youth between 12 and 18 year old was organized. We received about 25 youths from different Sunday schools and some had invited a friend. In the morning we talked about your time with God and emotions of God. A few members of the church had cooked, so we had a wonderful meal together. After the meal we went to a square in the city and played games. The day was closed in the church with a talk/practicum about how God looks at you, about how we judge and prejudices and how we handle other person.

Monica tells how you can talk to God Eating together Games at the square
Monica tells how you can talk to God Eating together Games at the square

Mini bus

After having written and prayed a lot for the mini bus, it’s finally there!!! It’s name is NOA (or that’s what it says on the license plate). We collected it in Salta on Friday eve the 28th of February. After having arranged all the paperwork it was ridden in. It was a very nice moment when we realized God gave us this bus. We are very happy and very grateful. Because of Him enough money was donated so we could buy the vehicle. Thank you God!! And thanks to everyone who donated money!!

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