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De stichting heeft de ANBI status
De stichting heeft de ANBI status


In order to cover all the costs of all the projects, we need money. Zera Metan is fully dependent of donations. You can make a single or periodical gift.

If you want to support a specific project, you can mention the project in the description of the bank transaction. You can book your gift to the bank account number below. Below you can find the different projects which we are working on.


The costs for studying differs per study, from 30 euros to 300 euros per month. Studies have a duration of 4 years. Do you want to help a young person study and have a hopeful future, send us an e-mail in which you tell us your monthly budget. We will look for a suitable student. At the moment we have got one student without a sponsor. Her name is Abigail Sardinas, you can find her on the ‘students’ page. Costs of her study are EUR 55,00 per month.


We have an evangelical radio broadcasting service, Radio Omega. Broadcasting radio has costs (electricity, internet, reparations, antenna etc.).
Monthly costs:

EUR   88,00

We are building a new antenna to reach more people with the gospel. You can support this project totally or in parts. Estimated total costs:

EUR   2.000,00
We want to place repeaters of Radio Omega in several isolated villages. This means Radio Omega can be broadcasted in villages where no one receives radio and they can listen to and receive the gospel as well. We will place a transmitter in an antenna in a village, which receives the signal of Radio Omega. Or, when it’s very far away, we will work with an internet connection or a recording for each month.

The costs for each repeater can be divided in different parts.
Memory and CPU:               EUR   100,00
FM transmitter 15 watt:       EUR   100,00
Cable for antenna 20 meters:  EUR   40,00
Power supply:	              EUR   40,00
Finishing:                    EUR   40,00
Total:                        EUR   320,00


Every week we have got five different Sunday schools for which we use different materials like paper, printer costs, paint, drawing materials, bread, tea etc. We start every class with drinking tea with bread so the children can have a descent breakfast. We have bought wood to make small sofas and tables, made by church members, for the Sunday schools so we can all work comfortable. Costs:
Materials              EUR   40,00  / month
Food/drinks            EUR   75,00  / month
Small sofa:            EUR   20,00
Table:                 EUR   35,00

Iglesia Casa de Dios

The local church with which we work with isn’t finished, there is still a lot to be done. The walls need reparation and painting, the floor needs tiling, a second floor has to be build.

Construction Rio Piedras

In Rio Piedras we want to start building a new church. We have got a building in this village in which Sunday school and church service are held. This building is too small (for the vision we have). At the moment a Dutch architect is helping us by making a design for the new church and Sunday school. He made a beautiful design which you can find on this website in ‘projects  Rio Piedras’. Now we want to start building this design and therefore we need materials and hands as well. Estimated costs: EUR 20.000,00


You can book your donations on this page.

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